Tom Grundy & Coconuts visit the refugee slums

Post Date: Mar 23rd, 2015 | Categories: Food, Housing, Media | COMMENT

Tom Grundy is an independent multimedia journalist with 11k followers on Twitter and 350,000 unique visitors to his website Hong Wrong.

Coconuts Media is a local city website network that harnesses social media and video to amplify coverage of urban areas in Asia. Currently they reach over 3 million monthly unique visitors on and average 20,000 to 30,000 views per video on their official Youtube partner channel Coconuts TV.

Vision First awaits their reports on what they witnessed on outreach with us in the refugee slums. 



  1. the home burns is my home …but why the are come not inform me because until now i have no home stey

    • tim sum tsuen months already i just stay here stay there no-one help me to found home ..i really don’t know what i do actually is many home but $1500 where i can found when i trying to ask iss office they say only i will try to found for you but but until when ..also one day i have friends tell me have home in near there area tim sum tsuen i’m very happy but also expensive $4000 and i trying for two people but iss saying again but $1000 you pay your self how come i can pay i have no work no salary still i trying to ask ok you cut food money for me $500 and my friends too also iss office say can’t so sorry and close phone