As an independent non-profit organization, Vision First receives no government funding and relies entirely on donations to run its programs.

Vision First keeps costs down with a passionate team of volunteers, who donate time, expertise and personal resources.

We have a policy of financial transparency. Each year we are externally audited. Our charity registration number is 91/10448.

Below are four ways you can take action now. Consider making your contribution monthly – it will help sustain our work all year. Thank you for your support!

direct bank transfer to

Name: Vision First Limited
Address: 5/F, 102 First Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Bank: HSBC
Address: 1 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Account: 400 – 672952 – 001

Send a check by mail

Payee: Vision First Limited
Address: 5/F, 102 First Street, Sai Ying Pun, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Sponsor a refugee child

As a Refugee Child Sponsor you directly impact the life of a child living in a desperate and helpless situation. With a $1,000 monthly donation, a child can be sent to school from a stable home, with food in the stomach and shoes on the feet. This is the most direct way to provide assistance to those who need it the most – refugee children.

For more information contact

Donation program

Vision First accepts donation drives from the Hong Kong community. Please be reminded that Vision First accepts donations only when delivered to its office. Please also consider that donations come from heart by way of giving the essential, not the superfluous. Examples of useful items:

$100 Octopus cards
SIM cards
Blankets and bedding
Men’s winter clothes
Women’s winter clothes
Children’s winter clothes
Baby clothes, products and accessories; diapers, milk formula, carriers etc
Shoes; sports, casual, formal
Toiletries and stationary
Phones, cameras, computers
Art supplies
Dry food; rice, cooking oil etc
Kitchen appliances; kettles, rice cookers

For more information or a receipt, please email us at

Donation Drive

Everyone can make a difference

VF make difference

My son Jack goes to West Island School, today they had “bring a Thing Day” where each student was asked to bring one item to school to donate to Vision First for the asylums seekers and refugees. Jack decided to send an email to all the tenants in our building, asking them if they had any items they no longer needed and any food they would like to donate. In four days he collected a huge amount of items, all good condition (some new) bedding, towels, blankets, clothes, kitchen utensils, pots etc….. tinned and dried food. What a huge difference just one person can so easily make! All these items are in a van on the way to you as I type. So many people have commented on what a great job Vision First is doing in Hong Kong. Thank you and we hope our little contribution helps in some way!.


action list

You can

Donate used clothes

Buy diapers and baby food

Donate used shoes

Buy Octopus cards

Donate household items

Buy reading glasses

Donate kitchen items

Teach a class

Donate books, DVDs and CDs

Tutor a refugee student

Donate used laptops and mobiles

Arrange a fundraiser

Support a refugee family

Arrange a mini event

Support a refugee child

Write and blog about refugees

Buy rice-cookers

Spread the word about us

Buy toiletries