Welcome to Vision First!

If this is the first time on our website and you wish to join, please CONTACT US.

If you are seeking protection in Hong Kong, our organization is aimed at providing the best possible assistance in the moment of your greatest need. We provide a community of like-minded volunteers and experienced refugees to assist with difficult decisions.

We are a volunteer-based organization, with no government links.

Vision First collaborates with the Refugee Union which is a community based society run by refugees who face the same dilemmas you may be dealing with today.

In case of emergency, please contact the Refugee Union in your own language at 9828 7176 or email refugeeunionhk@gmail.com

The Refuge Union will liaise with Vision First when appropriate.


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Home visits

Vision First was founded on outreach and we make special efforts to visit refugees in their dwellings, whether in the urban areas or in distant slums. It is only by walking a mile in their shoes, that outsiders can appreciate what it means to live like a refugee in Hong Kong.

Please email info@vfnow.org to arrange a home visit and we will contact you shortly to schedule a convenient date and time.