Vision First is supported by an enthusiastic team of corporate and individual volunteers. Each volunteer contributes according to their own capacity, knowledge base, skills, interest, ability and time.

We are very proud to have built and retained a talented, experienced and motivated team in which each contribution is appreciated no matter how big or small.

Join our team and support the struggle for a society that values humanity and justice over power.

Volunteers @ the Homebase

Volunteers assist by providing administrative support, writing program and funding proposals, researching the latest refugee news, updating communications materials, editing and adding to the website, conducting classes / workshops, coordinating donations and other volunteers between the hours of 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Volunteers @ Home

Volunteers can contribute remotely by managing donation drives, editing, writing and updating proposals and communications material and designing marketing materials.

Volunteers @ Events

Volunteers support our fundraising events by assisting, attending and inviting their friends, at public educations events and at school open days and corporate presentations.

Volunteers @ Work

Volunteers can open their workplaces as venues for refugee programs, counselling rooms and private tuition.

To volunteer please complete the Volunteer Registration Form and email it to info@vfnow.org

action list

You can

Donate used clothes

Buy diapers and baby food

Donate used shoes

Buy Octopus cards

Donate household items

Buy reading glasses

Donate kitchen items

Teach a class

Donate books, DVDs and CDs

Tutor a refugee student

Donate used laptops and mobiles

Arrange a fundraiser

Support a refugee family

Arrange a mini event

Support a refugee child

Write and blog about refugees

Buy rice-cookers

Spread the word about us

Buy toiletries