Refugees fight against slum eviction

Post Date: Jan 9th, 2015 | Categories: Housing, Refugee Community, Welfare | COMMENT

Link to a blog posted on the Refugee Union Facebook on 9 January 2015

Link to VF report on the Slum in the Honeymoon House closing down

Quotation-mark-orangeISS approved this slum for 7 years and now they want us to leave in 7 days. We don’t like to live in these bad conditions, but we cannot work and do not have money to rent good room. Before I tell my (ISS-HK) officer, I say outside homes in Yuen Long are very expensive. Maybe room cost 2000$, so how we rent for 1500$ budget ISS give us? He say to me, ‘Not my matter. Not my problem’ … So what we do? Should we be homeless because Hong Kong Government, Social Welfare Department and ISS refuse to provide home, refuse to increase refugee rent allowance and refuse refugee from working? This is why we come today to protest at the Social Welfare Department main office because this is shameful treatment of refugees.” – Aziz, refugee in Hong Kong since 2006

Refugees Fight Against Forced Eviction