Number of immigrants smuggled from Shenzhen to Hong Kong soars

Post Date: Aug 18th, 2014 | Categories: Media | COMMENT

Quote: “This summer has seen a spike. It has been particularly busy,” said a police source, adding that the authorities were “very confident” they were catching all migrants after they landed on the west and south coasts of Lantau during the night.

Question: Why are migrants apprehended after landing? Wouldn’t it be easier for authorities to coordinate with their Chinese counterparts to stop the inflow in the first place?

Quote: “After the end of the civil war on the mainland in 1949, an estimated million people poured across the border, often using boats or even swimming. Although illegal, many were allowed to stay to help ease labour shortages.”

Question: Shouldn’t a parallel be made with the current situation, whereby demand for unskilled, low-paid, uninsured and disposable labour affects our economy? Could peak arrivals be correlated with labour shortages troubling Hong Kong?

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