Refugees will break the “Lockdown Mentality”

Post Date: Jun 7th, 2014 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

In the United States, African Americans were slaves to White Americans who held them in chains and subjugated their minds. On 1 January 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation declaring freedom for slaves in the states that violated their human rights.

Prior to the Proclamation, 4 million African Americans had been owned as property and brainwashed into accepting the authority and superiority of their masters. They had been generally submissive to arbitrary and unfair rules devised by people who exploited their existence by dominating their minds.

In Hong Kong, many Refugees are slaves to a repressive ideology that controls them by brainwashing into submission. This mental slavery results from propaganda that disempowers refugees by deemphasizing their rights and homogenizing their status as illegal economic migrants.

Vision First was informed by refugees that new tactics are consciously and unintentionally deployed every day to compel them to perform as either abusive characters or a burden that should be grateful to society for being allowed to stay and receive help.

A “Lockdown Mentality” is the latest of complaints raised by refugees, who say they are taught  to be grateful to Hong Kong for the safe place they are offered, despite the humiliating conditions in which this supposed ‘safety’ is provided.

This mentality makes no reference to the government’s duties and obligations towards refugees. Instead it enslaves refugees by instilling fear such as warning that it could be worse, cautioning that the police could arrest and Immigration deport them, threatening cuts to essential services and the arrest of undeserving protesters.

Unaware of their fundamental rights, some refugees lose the ability to think critically and accept as unavoidable conditions that are orchestrated by those people who face-to-face profess to have their best interest at heart, but in fact, let’s believe unintentionally, perpetuate policies aimed at controlling refugees into poverty.

The lockdown mentality teaches refugees that they should not fight for their rights, because they are not citizens; that they should not protest or else they might be deported; that they should not ask for adequate welfare, as conditions are worse in their countries; that they should not demand more rent assistance, because it was recently raised to 1500$ (despite rooms in subdivided flats costing much

Some refugees voluntarily submit to a lockdown mentality perpetrated by the government and its supporters to pursue objectives incompatible with human rights and refugee rights. This mental slavery achieves the surreptitious social control of an undesirable group the authorities want to keep ignorant of their rights and freedoms.

Referring to locked-down refugees, a Refugee Union member commented, “Their brain is gone. They cannot think with their own mind and they believe what they are told. Their eyes are closed and they cannot see what is happening around them. They think NGOs are helping by buying them lunch. Refugees don’t need more food, they want their rights!”

An emancipated refugee remarked, “They treat us like nothing. They treat us like insects. But I don’t agree. We are warned that we don’t have rights, that there will be trouble, but we know they are lying.”

There is much to learn from listening to refugees.