A decisive football victory: VF vs CA – 6:1

Post Date: Jan 28th, 2012 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

Hello, this is the VF football team captain reporting. Believing our Somali Football Team could beat the fearsome Christian Action side – with years of experience and stronger players – we invited them for a friendly match on the cold evening of January 22. Nobody expected this clash of giants to become historical. The outcome was uncertain from the start with both teams fielding their best players: Vision First 100% “Made in Somalia”, Christian Action a mighty international mix from Africa, Middle East, India and Switzerland. The match kicked off at 9pm in windy weather in Kowloon Park, the spotlights illuminating the field through an indifferent fog. Hearts were pounding; the growing excitement was palpable. Around us supporters gathered on both sides, passionately calling out their favorite names. After twenty minutes, CA scored a contested penalty, after an accidental handball by our defense (0-1). From that moment, CA commanded the game nervously by one point, while the VF boys built up a strong, determined strategy. Our efforts paid off. At the end of the first half a surgical strike from mid-park by M.S. scored an exquisite leveler … GOAL!!! (1-1) and the teams retreated to their corner.

Returning to the battle ground, the CA team gradually lost their nerve and suffered a humbling sequence of thunderous goals. Having dominated most of the first half, they were convinced they would regain control. Little did they know the gods were not on their side, or else, this was their chance to blame the freezing conditions to negotiate a draw. The drama of the second-half has already become stuff of NGO legend. It will be talked about for decades across the internet and across the streets, from Hong Kong to Canada and the USA … and probably even back home in Mogadishu despite the war. With great trepidation both hopeful teams returned to the field to determine their destiny by football skills and these alone. Enough talking! May the best team win! The excitement mounted. The VF side pushed forward without finding the crucial chance to create a winning assist. Then suddenly, M.N. cut loose, evaded the stunned VF defense, and, with masterful ball control, confirmed Somali domination … GOAL!!! (2-1) Minutes later, M.S added his second jewel with a devastating long-range missile which set the fans on fire … GOAL!!! (3-1) These three goals could have been sufficient, but they were followed in rapid succession by another humbling trio ten minutes from time.

By now the devastated CA team was losing leg power and stumbled about in dismal disarray, wondering what train had hit them. Taking advantage of this weakness, a mighty cross found the head of H.A who set the score beyond reach by defeating the outstretched arms of the CA keeper … GOAL!!! (4-1) Ahhh that must have hurt! In the dying minutes, Somali Power grew to its mightiest expression fueling the excitement of mesmerized fans. That’s when another long-range cannon ball from H.A penetrated the helpless CA net … GOAL!!! (5-1) “Mercy! Mercy!” we could hear the CA players scream silently in their devastated hearts. This sadly wasn’t their night! Five seconds before the referee blew the whistle, newcomer A.S had a golden chance to prove what a mighty striker he is. With a close-quarter blast he sealed the game incontestably beyond debate … GOAL!!! (6-1) The shrill of the whistle filled the night and jubilation erupted on the Vision First side. What domination! What mastery was displayed! Disregarding the tears and protesting antics on the defeated side, the Somali boys left Kowloon Park proud of their teamwork and proven skills. In recent days the CA team has – quite understandably – tried to poach some Somali players with enticing offers. However, they fail to appreciate the depth of loyalty these boys have for their flag, their brothers and Vision First.

A decisive football victory: VF vs CA - 6:1