Seeking tutors for GED program

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What is the GED?
The GED is the Graduate Equivalency Program and is recognized in Canada and the United States as the equivalent of a high school/secondary school diploma. Most often teens who drop out of school for some reason (pregnancy, drugs, etc) will take this so they are able to get a job or apply for university down the road. It tests in 5 areas: English language, English grammer, Social Studies (American history), Math and Science.

Why the GED?
Most of the refugees resettled from Hong Kong will be resettled to either the US or Canada making this certificate the best choice for those individuals needing to show proof of education. It is currently assumed that for those looking to obtain an online degree that the GED will also be sufficient.

Target Group:
The initial group are those individuals who are between the ages of 18-25 who either received some education back in their home country or graduated but left without their certificate to show ‘proof’. The group will be no larger than 6 people

The need:
Volunteer tutors well versed in the subject areas to be tested in and who can effectively educate the students. Study and prep materials will be provided. If the tutor has other ideas as to what will help the students they are welcome to introduce that into the group study sessions. If the tutor(s) feel other material is needed they will present the idea to the Coordinator (Tiffany, me) to find the best options available. Tutoring can take place at any time, but preferabley not too late in the evening as the students have to travel very far to get back home.

The Goal:
For these students to take the GED exam 6mo from start of their studies. There is a testing center in Hong Kong that they will test at. AND PASS THE TEST!!!!

If you know of anyone who is can serve as a volutneer tutor please have them contact me: or 6686-0275 so that we can start the process!

Graduate Equivalency Program
Graduate Equivalency Program