A poem by Wilson

Post Date: Nov 10th, 2010 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT


Oh Motherland
Land without thunder
The land without storms and strangers
The home of all.

Where do I come from?
Father and Mother can’t hear me
Where do I come from?
Really where do I come from!?

No Motherland is foreign land
Where do I dwell?
Where is my River of milk and honey?
My stomach never asks no less.

Abundant is the milk of full breasts
No sleep I never cry for
Oh my country land
So far is the foreign land

I open my eyes and see,
Nothing of my own
Black and far is the foreign land
Blind to see no children

No children of the woman
Alone and frighten is me
Oh my brothers and sisters
Have foreign lands eaten you?

My voice is loud for you.
Oh my sweet Home!
How I miss you sweet home
I sleep awake

The eyes close no more
Oh Refugee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!