Can you spare an old laptop?

Post Date: Feb 5th, 2011 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

On March 15th we will open the Vision First Centre on First Street in Sai Ying Pun. As you can tell from the photo below, renovation works were proceeding speedily before Chinese New Year. The office will be on the fifth floor of a charming ‘walk-up building’ (euphemism for no lift) which means our cardio-vascular fitness will soon be boosted. After moving in, we’ll plan the first floor Community Room and third floor Shelter, both requiring careful policies and management to get them right. If anyone wants to step forward to sponsor the decoration, this is a perfect time. With the tireless support of our friends at Crossroads (you must click here if you don’t know them!) furnishing won’t be a problem, though sadly laptops are out-of-stock.

Please, if you have an old laptop with WiFi connection kindly consider donating it to Vision First, as we require 10 for our reception, where members will hang out, watch the news and communicate with family, while research future possibilities. Since our office is relatively small and laptops will be placed shoulder-width apart, it’s preferable to avoid desktop computers with monitors, cluttering the floor with equipment and intertwined cables. Instead, we’ll run laptops with open-source software, and recovery systems against unwelcome changes, connected to a WiFi router for highest security and productivity. By the way, if you are a Tech Guy (know Ubantu?) and can help the deployment, this is a chance to join the VF Team!

What else do we need? Last week we collected our first shoe donation from Pure Fitness: a box of almost-new orphaned sneakers, that were all the rage among VF members lucky enough to get first pick. The winner item was a striking black pair of 4” high-heel shoes; they weren’t Manolo Blahnik, but they’ll sure make one lady happy! Here’s a big THANK YOU to Colin at Pure, who made it possible! These guys are rocking the scene, so go check them out here for all your fitness needs. What else do we need? When you do your spring cleaning, don’t forget Vision First: we need everything you don’t need … not only clothes, but rice-cookers, kettles, books, mobile phones, DVD-players even fridges (a friend was shifting garbage in Kowloon and found a 2010 NDSi quickly resold for good bucks. Guess one Tiger Mom got fed up with her kid!) If you don’t have any of the above, please buy a stack of MTR Octopus Cards and come make somebody’s day special. Put it this way: we are in the business of *making people smile* and if you don’t believe us, come see how we do it. Cheers 🙂

Inside our office ... you should have seen it before works started!
Inside our office ... you should have seen it before works started!