Hong Kong slowly poisons and kills me

Post Date: Jun 17th, 2015 | Categories: Immigration, Personal Experiences, Welfare | COMMENT

My name is Irfan. I came to Hong Kong from (South Asia) in February 2006 to save my life. Soon it will be 10 years and after many, many interviews the Immigration Department has never made a decision on my case: not accepted and not rejected. Why it takes so long? Is it the right way to treat refugees?

My duty lawyer said, “Your case is different. You have a very special case. Your case is genuine.” But I respectfully say, there are hundreds of refugees in Hong Kong who have real cases. Why so few win? Our life and our family’s life are wasted because we don’t have protection, we don’t have work and we don’t have normal life.

In 2007 and 2008 I had five or six interviews at Immigration office in Central. Some were from morning till night. The officers told me to wait 3 to 9 months for the decision – but nothing happened. My Torture claim was not decided and in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 nobody contacted me. I waited long time – but nobody called me.

When my USM interview started in 2014, I asked, “What was the decision from 2008?” But Immigration did not reply. They said, “Your case is strong and you must give interview one more time”. Is it fair that Immigration delay the decision on my case for 10 years without making a decision?

My lawyer said that Immigration cannot refuse my case, but why it takes so long? I came to Hong Kong because I have a problem. I like to save my life. I came when I was 21 and now I am 31 and nothing changed for me here. What do I have to do for my future? They don’t allow me to work and I am scared of breaking the law. Why Hong Kong Government treat refugees like this?

One day, my Immigration officer said, “You have waited a very long time. Sorry for this!” I answered, “The time I wasted will never come back. You consider how I spend my life, how I eat, how I live and how I suffer! If you (compensate me) for what I have lost, maybe I accept your sorry! I waited too long and I need my time back. But you cannot do that. Immigration just knows how to waste refugees’ time. I came to Hong Kong in February 2006 and now my hands are empty!”

I respectfully say to the Government: just give me the HK nationality, or let me work. If I do crime, you tell police that I am trouble. I have a baby. I am very stressed about my life. I want to do suicide, but I have to think about my family. If it is not allowed to give nationality, then allow me to do work. This is not criminal. My family is suffering. I don’t have money to help them. My daughter needs to go to school. I don’t have money. My daughter need shoes. I don’t have money. My wife needs clothes. I don’t have money. My ISS-HK case officer always says “You ask your friends”.  

I came here to get a new life, but Hong Kong slowly poisons and kills me. Every moment, every minute I am suffering for what my wife and my daughter need. Immigration never give me response. The welfare is not enough. I always say this, but nobody listens to me. I cannot find mattress and bed for sleeping. I asked my ISS-HK case officer to help. She said “I will call you!” Almost going to be 6 months and she didn’t call me.

Hong Kong Government cannot protect or support me. Hong Kong Immigration make me slowly die, because they don’t give me freedom. I came here because I have a problem. But they don’t respect me, so I am not free. They tell me to sit – I must sit. They tell me to stand – I must stand. They say they help me, but how they help me? They just use the law to insult me. I say to the Government: Please give me permission to do work, so I can enjoy simple life with my family. 

Hong Kong slowly poisons and kills me