Hong Kong is a paradise for bad people and hell for good people

Post Date: Jun 12th, 2015 | Categories: Crime, Immigration, Personal Experiences, Rejection | COMMENT

Vision First publishes letters and documents that our members wish to circulate to the wider public. In the best public interest, the following letter offers significant insights into the health of the current asylum mechanism and correlated issues. Hong Kong is a city of economic riches where business and profit are the prime engine upon which the government relies to retain the city’s international competitiveness. Are asylum policies integral elements supporting and/or removing impediments to economic growth? 

Hong Kong is a paradise for bad people and hell for good people

           I was a high profile political leader in a South Asian country. After 9/11 the USA and Western states decided to punish the militants involved with the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. Our political party decided to stand with the so-called civilized world in the war against terrorism to defeat militancy. By doing so, party workers and leaders suffered great retaliation from several militant groups. As a result, over 1000 party members and relatives were killed by militants in kidnappings, suicide bombings and target killings. Further, some 10,000 party members and supporters fled abroad to save their lives from extreme brutality.

         As per party policy, I also condemned the terror tactics of the militant groups in the local media and public meetings. By doing so, the militants turned their guns on me and my family, preventing me from attending my business and moving freely in my country. I received dozens of death threats by phone. I was beaten. My son was kidnapped and attempts were made to kidnap me too. The militants shot at me, my car and my home. Consequently, I lost my prosperous business and it became impossible for me to remain in my country.

        Previously I had visited a number of European countries for business, but unfortunately when I decide to flee, I only had a Hong Kong visa, so I decided to take refuge here from the brutality of the militants. That was six years ago when I naively had the expectation that the Hong Kong Government and citizens would appreciate my sacrifice in the War Against Terror and help me stand back on my feet again.

        But sorry to say that my expectations were ruined. After spending six years in Hong Kong, I am still in the same place where I started my journey. I have been maligned, humiliated, disrespected and forced to live like a beggar without future prospects. I provided all the necessary information and documents to the Immigration Department and requested them to please help me, but due to the Culture of Rejection my claim remains pending.

         I also provided the same evidence to the UNHCR for my asylum claim, but they rejected it. It was only after five years suffering in Hong Kong that they turned around on their appeal rejection and unexpectedly granted me refugee status. Now I do not know how long I will further stay here before being re-settlement to a third country. One thing is notorious about Hong Kong: there is no appreciation or respect for the asylum seekers and refugees living here!

         I have noticed that people come from all over the world and can live in Hong Kong for many years after obtaining a Recognizance certificate from the Immigration Department. I believe that getting such a document is very easy. After obtaining it, people can contact the ISS office to eat and live freely for many years.

         As a politician and educated person I have noticed that the screening systems of Hong Kong Immigration is not fair, or just a joke. They do not make a difference between a HORSE and a DONKY and treat both the same way. This is the main reason that very large majority of torture claimants are fake and just come here to improve their financial conditions. I met many asylum seekers and torture claimants who are in Hong Kong for many years, they obtain fake ID and work with local businesses making good money.

        I am sure this is the main reason for economic migrants to come to Hong Kong, when they know that they can stay free of cost for ten years and earn 15 to 20 thousand HKD per month. So surely one can say that “Hong Kong is a paradise for bad people and hell for good people”.

         Through the publication of this letter I request to genuine asylum seekers not to come to Hong Kong to receive justice because there is no justice here. Yes, if you want to work and make money, then Hong Kong is the best place in the world, where you will obtain fake ID and make a fortune working for years.

     Mr. Khan Zeb

Hong Kong is a paradise for bad people and hell for good people