Vision First supports lawmaker Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung

Post Date: Mar 5th, 2015 | Categories: Advocacy, Crime, Refugee Community, Welfare | COMMENT

We are deeply saddened by the arrest of a great political supporter, the Honorable Fernando Cheung.

Fernando stands apart for his commitment to refugees going back over a decade. Veteran refugees recall him visiting them in prisons and Immigration detention ten years ago, when the injustice they suffered didn’t yet register with the broader society and media as today.

Fernando has a special heart for all the vulnerable and disenfranchised people in Hong Kong, with no exception. He always displayed the very best of Hong Kong hospitality to refugees who suffer unjustly against government policies aimed at discouraging, rather than assisting, seeking asylum.

The charges seem political. Hong Kong Government is on a witch-hunt to punish the organizers of the Occupy movement that challenged their authority.

We fervently hope that justice will prevail. 

Fernando did the right thing – he stood resolutely with the people unafraid of the consequences.  

Refugee community supports lawmaker Fernando Cheung
South China Morning Post report on 4 March 2015


Full support for Fernando Cheung
Fernando with Vision First supporters on 8 July 2013


Full support for Fernando Cheung - 5Mar2015 (2)
Fernando is the only politician who inspected the slums in 2013 and promised to improve refugee housing.


Full support for Fernando Cheung - 5Mar2015 (3)
Fernando frequently visited Vision First to meet refugees and hear their narratives first-hand. He was instrumental in the campaign to raise welfare assistance levels in February 2014


Full support for Fernando Cheung - 5Mar2015 (4)
Fernando was the first politician to support refugees in February 2014, during “Occupy ISS”. He is seen in the photo speaking to program director Miss. Panares who saw fit to draw the shutters on aggrieved refugees rather than welcoming discussions and negotiations.