Email from a rough-sleeper

Post Date: Aug 20th, 2010 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

Dear Vision First – This is Maahir Quasim from Somalia, now am in Hong Kong about 2 weeks having been released from detention with Immigration document, I approached UNHCR and ISS. I did the registration for both of them but I have to still find a place to spend the night. I mean shelter! which they both couldn’t help me to find out. ISS have promised me to pay 1000 HK dollars for the rent to the landlord, but said we cannot find the room for you because it’s not their job. Moreover we will not pay any deposit for the room even though it’s rare today to find a room for 1000 HK dollars and impossible without deposit payment. I spent 2 week in Kauloon Park, waiting for UNHCR to call me. At night I sleep in little streets where I’m dry from the rain. Only 3 nights I slept in a landlord shop, introdused by the ISS who was supposed to give me a room and then failed in that because i don’t have any more money after selling my watch.

Therefore, I am helpless to find a shelter in Hong Kong being fled home Somalia where war destroyed my life. Even if i wanted to there is no way to go back as i don’t have passport and all my family is killed or scattered over there. I came here with no bersonal belongings so I cant help myself in no way. I am educated teacher, 27 years old guy and i can help your organization for a place to sleep. I got your contact from someone who seemed as a friend of you, he gave me your number and said Vision First can help refugees. I’m waiting to hear from you soon and I would really appreciate if you help me with now. God bless you – Maahir Quasim