Judicial Review favorable for dependent visas

Post Date: Jan 28th, 2015 | Categories: Legal, VF Opinion | COMMENT

As many refugee spouses face “Non-Decisions” by Immigration on their dependent visa applications, a process that can drag on for years with the repeated submission of the same documents, those lucky ones who receive a reply may find it unsatisfactory.  

Particularly, the following judgment seems to shine light on a depraved problem. What weight is given by Immigration to the applicant’s criminal record and family circumstances when considering a visa that may change not only the life of the sponsored refugee, but also that of resident children who might grow up without the love and support of a parent considered undesirable by the state? 

How many such cases do refugees need to win before proper policies give certainty to an abusive aspect of the asylum process?

HCAL 174-2013 case favorable for dependent visas