“Yes we can” by Emmanuel Prah

Post Date: Mar 1st, 2013 | Categories: Refugee Community | COMMENT

Here is a song composed and sung by our very own Emmanuel Prah, a man with a deep soul. He came to Hong Kong to seek refuge in 2005 and experienced the many ups and downs of this experience – mostly downs actually. A passionate musician, Emmanuel contributes his talent to several churches and finds in music the consolation and hope that reality deprive him of. In a friend’s home studio, he arranges and records songs that witness the unconquered spirit of marginalized souls who enduringly refuse to stay down when trodden upon. In September 2012 his torture claim was predictably rejected. The Notice of Determination explained that, “your country is taking charge of those who are torturing people and now there is no danger there.” Understandably, our friend wasn’t willing to accept HK Government’s assurance on the matter!

What is noteworthy is that Emmanuel is married to a lovely Hong Kong wife and the couple had already applied for a dependent visa. Given these circumstances no consideration, Immigration proceeded to arrest and detain a ‘future citizen’ with the firm intention of removing him from the city. There are many individuals in this position and Vision First regrets Immigration’s lack of consideration towards those married to Hong Kong partners – who will in due process become fellow citizens. It appears to us shortsighted and counterproductive to incarcerate the legitimate spouses, and often parents, of HK citizens for failing to secure international protection against Immigration’s 100% rejection rate. What message are the authorities sending their soon-to-be compatriots? What do children think of a government that removes their parents?

Please click here to listen to Emmanuel’s “Yes we can” … dedicated to the overworked folk at Immigration Department.

Click the picture to listen to “Yes we can” by Emmanuel Prah