Community Participation Program – activity spotlight

Post Date: Mar 24th, 2013 | Categories: VF updates, programs, events | COMMENT

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Dear Members, thank you for your support to the Health In Action (HIA). This project of Community Participation Program for Refugees is a pilot project to improve the psychological well-being of HK-based refugees by involving them in community services. According to the skills and talents of refugee members, we connect them to local HK communities particularly the disadvantaged groups of people through community services. This Activity Spotlight issue keeps our supporters informed about the latest activities under this project.

  • Supporting Outreach Charity Sales Counter for the needy
  • HIA awarded as “Outstanding Volunteer Team” for Charity Sales event with support of refugees
  • Refugee musicians shared their traditional music culture to the Special groups of local community
  • Members gathered to brainstorm what we can do more
  • Clinical Psychologist and Health Education Specialist joined efforts to help psychological health assessment
  • Legal Advisor helped provide professional legal advice and develop important documents for the project
  • Coming in March: Refugee members will help development of the disadvantaged children through tutoring and music training

For new members: if you want to join this program, please email Eva Lam