The definition of fraud

Post Date: Aug 25th, 2013 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

Vision First salutes the dawn of truth. Refugees walk on a foundation of facts. ISS’ foundation of deception and abuse is finally cracking. Fraud may be relevant to ISS having made representations to SWD that the refugee slums meet the requirements of the SWD Tender Specification and the SWD – ISS contract. The ISS case workers promoting the slums, leading refugees there, accepting false documents and signing contracts containing false information, might evince a clear deception by ISS on SWD and the HK Government. The truth will come out and anyone criminally liable will be held accountable. Here is the definition of fraud in Hong Kong law:

Theft Ordinance, Chapter 210, Section 16A – Fraud

If any person by any deceit (whether or not the deceit is the sole or main inducement) and with intent to defraud induces another person to commit an act or make an omission, which results either: 

(a) in benefit to any person other than the second-mentioned person; or
(b) in prejudice or a substantial risk of prejudice to any person other than the first-mentioned person,

the first-mentioned person commits the offence of fraud and is liable on conviction upon indictment to imprisonment for 14 years.


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