A blog from our client – Abel

Post Date: Dec 24th, 2009 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

“Thank you for all the assistance you have given me and the chance to check my email. I don’t have internet in Yung Long so this is the only way I can keep in touch with my wife and baby girl … it’s so sad thinking about her … I never saw her face since she was born after I fled Africa. It’s such a pity but I have no control, no chance to change my life and I feel bad I don’t even have 10$ to send them. How can I worry about them when can’t take care of myself? Every day is a hopeless dawn – a new struggle. I was hoping to have less trouble when I moved from Cheung Sha Wan to a cheaper room in the New Territories, but the bus is more 30$ and I can only come to town when friends give me some money. I promised the church to repay the 2,000$ loan for my home, but how can I do that? Look, I’m not joking … I only have 6$ in my pocket and without help I can’t even get back to Yung Long.
At least I have good health and I know … with God on my side nothing is impossible!”
Abel 28, Central Africa