Refugee Health Clinic

Post Date: May 24th, 2012 | Categories: Refugee Community, VF updates, programs, events | COMMENT

Always leading by innovation, Vision First is pleased to announce Hong Kong first “Refugee Health Clinic”. This new program includes medical examinations, medicines and referrals for refugees, whose suffering is frequently prolonged by bigotry and suspicion against darker skin prevalent at public hospitals. Indeed, the motivation behind this initiative is the racial wedge, contrary to the Hippocratic Oath, perpetuating a two-tier medical service that makes non-ID-card-holders feel most unwelcome at emergency rooms. These are the only facilities available to those who cannot book public or private doctors. After collaborative talks with Dr. Fan Ning an independent service was launched to meet refugees’ medical needs. The difficulties refugees encounter at hospitals are well-known and hard to address: racism, discrimination, cultural ignorance, hands-off examinations, welfare misinformation, cashier restrictions and the bitterly lamented “Panadol Solution”, i.e. one medication for any illnesses from cancer or sore throat.

Today we are proud to launch a pilot program to bring expert medical care to our members, first, and the broader refugee community, later. Dr. Fan Ning (Surgeon Yan Chai Hospital, President MSF Hong Kong) will set up a mobile clinic at our First Street center on alternate Saturdays (every Saturday from mid July) with volunteer doctors, nurses, essential instrument and medication. This primary care will include: medical consultation and examination, health education on hygiene and lifestyle, referral system, medication and follow-ups in person and by phone/email. An initial team of volunteer doctors and nurses will be expanded to meet the needs of members and non-members following a six month pilot program that will start on 2 June 2012. We are now looking for citizen volunteers to help coordinate this activity that will develop into one of our service backbones in the coming months. Finally, dear members, if you need to see the doctor, please SMS your case-worker to make an appointment – thank you.



  1. Invisible People

    True story – I went to Queen Elizabeth Hospital to check out my knees. They did some checking and after they said “We need to cut your legs off”. I thought they were kidding, but they said they were serious and yet I can walk around and the pain is not so bad that I should have my legs cut off. I will come to see your doctor and see what he says. We do appreciate your work and we do pray that you will continue to help us the way you do. Before you didn’t know how many were sick even when you see everyone every month for many years. Now that you have a doctor you will find out how much suffering there is as people keep their pain hidden inside. We feel we are the INVISIBLE PEOPLE.

  2. Lilyflower

    I’m grateful for this clinic and have booked my son to for next time – THANK YOU !!!

  3. John 28

    I’m grateful to Vision First and Dr. Fan Ning for the Refugee Clinic that was very busy on Saturday. I stayed on the internet laptops till they closed and saw a constant stream of sick people from 930 till 130. The doctor never got tired, greeted everyone with a friendly handshake and made each guy leave with a smile. This service is the answer to our needs and we hope it will become a regular opportunity we can depend upon. Thank you, Johnnie W

  4. Merci

    Thank you Dr. Fan for treating me with care and understanding. Your kind words have healing power.
    Thank you Vision First for making this community that has true quality of HEART. Within your walls we grow in the knowledge that we are valued and loved and live not for oneself, but for each other – À bientôt

  5. is not about advertising vision first here ,when i read some comments i felt like there is some kind of adverts ,good idea for the clinic but like me and others remain very greatful to hong kong doctors and goverments ,we say it or not they really save life of asylum and refugees ,im saying that with evidences ..GOD BLESS ALL THOSE WHO ARE DOING THEIR BEST OR HAVE WILLING TO DO SO .

  6. good idea having clinic but how about providing condom for free ,its really expensive on town ,sometimes i cant afford one single one

  7. Your reward is a heavenly one. Your vision is beyond human imagination..
    It is purely Divine vision. May God bless this clinic and all who serve there.

  8. Mufti

    Ah-ah … there you go again Vision First … setting the trend, taking the lead and offering exactly the services that we need the most. May God bless you for the thought, consideration, action and service you tirelessly offer refugees.
    Thank you !!!

  9. Fan's fan

    Thank you Doctor Fan for your dedication and understanding. I admire MSF work around the world and I appreciate what you are doing for the sick and neglected in Hong Kong. Your work will touch many hearts besides bringing health where there is sickness, bringing peace of mind where there is worry and hope where there is fear.
    Thank you Doctor and I look forward to meeting you next Saturday. God bless.

  10. RBCL_man

    This is amazing. I’ve struggled with hospitals and clinics for 6 years and I swear I have never encountered compassionate service. The doctors of MSF are even famous in my country. They understand the suffering and situation of refugees and this clinic will bring us the respect and dignity that is lost at the public hospitals.
    Last time I went the doctor asked me “What is a refugee?” He really didn’t know and I tried to talk to him and it was shocking that an education university young doctor don’t know what REFUGEE means. Bless you Vision First!

  11. Mohammad

    I am very happy Vision First. You make the service we need and God bless you and your volunteers

  12. a friend

    I cannot believe what I’m reading! This clinic is EXACTLY what the refugee community needs. We are tired of the hospitals neglect. I have had belly problems for six months and every time the doctor sees me he says “I will give you medicines”. I ask him “Not Panadol again?” He says “No, I will give you other medicines”
    Surprise, surprise, at the dispensary it’s another bag of Panadol. It’s a shame and people are suffering.
    This clinic is a chance of asylum-seekers to get the proper real care – thank you very much!
    I’m making an appointment 🙂