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Dear Vision First Community,

I just want to thank everyone who supported me in many ways, wishing me all the best on my journey from HK back to the Republic of Congo and Kenya. I finally arrived in Adelaide, Australia on the 11 of January. (After 2 months of paperwork, waiting, corruption and several setbacks!) The wonderful Kenny’s family met me here. So far, so good. The family has made sure to choose the right pathway for me to settle in life in Australia. I went to the TAFE orientation dates on the 25-27 of January And I’m going to start school next Monday.  Now I’m at the school dormitory no worry at all. There are foods and essential utilities for a daily life.

My HUGE thanks starting with Peter and Connie Kenny, for the initiative of having me join the College as YES scholarship student (Youth Empowerment Scheme) in 2008.  Through all this, I also know that Jesus loves me very much.  Thanks to Dr. Harry Brown who gave me a brand new MacBook Pro before heading home.  It kept me warm company all way home on the flight. And it has decreased my worries about what was going to happen with me while meeting the HK Immigration on the day of my departure. I cannot cite all of your names, the gifts, that you have donated, your funds, prizes, Prayers of each individuals and Pastor, your time and your effort.  Katherine Bignold thanks for raising this much money for me to study and live in Australia.  Those who have sent their best wishes to help me as a penniless guy, who came to Renaissance College in Ma On Shan, without anything. But you have changed my life in a very short time.

I have overcome so much adversity with the help of lots of fabulous people just like you! I’m very emotional today! Although I have made it to Australia, I know that challenges never end in life. I’ll remain honest with you in the future when I face difficulties here in terms of funds to complete the (RN) Register Nursing Qualification course. As now I’m going to start a programme of Aged Care for six months then, enroll in a Diploma of Nursing for 1.5 years.  All together I will study for two years. If possible I could then go to University to do two more years to have the RN Degree.  I’m sure it will happen and God will provide.

Also, I’d like to say this. The 5th and the 4th floors in the RCHK College you are very powerful offices. I have seen so many things during the six years I have been in HK. I could even write a book in the future. But you all have make these into small issues and helped out. Look how you all have changed my life. Jackie my counselor, although you are not there anymore but you are in my heart all the time thanks so much.  Don you have made a huge positive impact into my life and I’m going to see you soon. Of course, Danielle Stutterd of Vision First in Hong Kong, thanks for so many things! Without missing my English teacher Dee Morgan otherwise I won’t be able to write this much English.

Again, many thanks to the entire Vision First Community!!

All my best,


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  1. Sabine

    Hi Duvalld!
    I heard about you from Ms. Gore, and I’m a year 7 (Soon year 8.) student in RCHK! I support you! 😀 I wish you the best of luck and I’m really amazed to hear your story and know about you! I support you! 😀
    RCHK student.