Free haircuts at Vision First

Post Date: Mar 14th, 2012 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

What we does best is listen to members’ needs and design effective programs to meet those needs with available resources. The arrival of a cheerful and helpful hairdresser from the Horn of Africa enables VF to offer free haircuts on our rooftop. With the sponsorship of a local salon, we are happy to invite our members every Monday afternoon for haircuts and shaves, glad it saves 50 HK$ charged by the cheapest Chung King Mansion barbers. Thank you Team for making this happen! Perms and coloring will be next 🙂

New Hairdresser Program
New Hairdresser Program



  1. just smile

    brothers try to join facbook “refugee” and try to earn your money
    every body have some thing good he can do write it and who need will contact you like hair cut every body
    need join without name or picture start depend on your self beleve your self and all refugees who know some
    body need hair cut will talk about you
    the long picnic start from first step

  2. Mr Cosmo, what a good idea !!! Instead of making a lot of noise around like some empty vases, you are taking actions that have a direct and positive impact in the asylum seeker’s life. The idea is simple and original. Only a person with a kind heart like you can imagine and take such initiative. You are a great man! May God bless you abundantly.

  3. Belinda

    That’s great VF!
    You’re really growing!
    And I love this message board addition!