Photographer Manson visits Pat Heung

Feb 2nd, 2015 | Housing, Media, Refugee Community, Welfare | Comment

RU Facebook - Manson visits Pat Heung - 1Feb2015

Photographer Minco visits Ping Che

Feb 2nd, 2015 | Housing, Media, Refugee Community, Welfare | Comment

RU Facebook - Minco visits Ping Che - 1Feb2015

Concern group blames Lands Department

Feb 1st, 2015 | Housing, Legal, Media, Welfare | Comment

iCable on refugee slums - 29Jan15

Sri Lankan fatally burned in Hong Kong refugee slum

Feb 1st, 2015 | Crime, Housing, Media | Comment

The Sunday Times - slum fire - 1FEb2015

Pakistani asylum seeker to be compensated for ‘inhumane treatment’ in Hong Kong

Jan 31st, 2015 | Crime, Legal, Media | Comment

SCMP - Pakistani refugee compensated for inhumane treatment

TVB news on the fire in the slum

Jan 30th, 2015 | Crime, Housing, Media | Comment

TVB news report on the slum fire

Asylum seeker dies in village blaze

Jan 30th, 2015 | Crime, Housing, Media, Welfare | Comment

VF is amused by the factious reporting of a tragic event in words that seems to exculpate those responsible for authorizing the disbursement of government funds for the renting of unauthorized and deadly dangerous structures. Further VF questions the knowledge of purported experts asserting refugees choose to live in converted pig farms because rooms are bigger and anyway they see Hong Kong as a temporary stopover. Undoubtedly Hong Kong is a stopover. Who would want to live an entire life in squalid slums?

The reporter seems tainted by the same government propaganda that once proudly resonated from ISS-HK spokespersons, who interestingly were neither at the accident site to explain their role, nor later explained to the public their questionable relationship with the purported landlord who settled dozens of refugees into death traps.

The Standard on slum fire - 30Jan15

Refugee dies in a slum fire

Jan 30th, 2015 | Crime, Housing, Media | Comment

Vision First is encouraged that most news reports mentioned the UNAUTHORIZED STRUCTURES that contributed to this tragic fire. Several reporters interviewed the Lands Department who confirmed that the registered owner of this slum had been served with written notices that went ignored. Lands Dept. then registered encumbrances with the Lands Registry and planned enforcement action.

The authorities’ slow pace tragically cost the life of a refugee!

Refugee dies in slum fire

CableTV reports on the 69 refugee slums in Hong Kong

Jan 29th, 2015 | Media | Comment

CableTV reports on the deadly fire in the slums

Jan 29th, 2015 | Media | Comment

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