Protest against rent guarantors

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Living at society’s margins and below the poverty line

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Bridge the welfare gap

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How the No-Work Policy affects the livelihood of Refugees

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Legco question about accommodation problems

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Oriental Daily on ISS slumlords charged

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Apple Daily on ISS slumlords charged

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Two slumlords of 48 refugees charged with defrauding ISS over six years

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Duo charged with $1.64m allowances fraud and perversion

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Travesty of justice at Lands Tribunal

Dec 13th, 2016 | Government, Housing, Legal, VF Report, Welfare | Comment

Lands Tribunal case Judgement

Court would not even stay proceedings with a Legal Aid Department (LAD) memorandum and statutory stay of 14 days. The court found.

“The Tribunal received A Memorandum of Notification of an Application for Legal Aid by the respondent dated 5 December 2016.  By section 15(4) of the Legal Aid Ordinance, all proceedings in the action or in the appeal or in both the action and the appeal shall be stayed for a period of not less than 14 days.  Even however if this Memorandum did not come so late, I would have ordered that this statutory stay be lifted in view of the fact of this case.  There is simply no basis at all as to how the legal aid application could assist the respondent.”

The asylum seeker had no lawyer and LAD was intervening to assist him.

Take note that ISS-HK did not stand up for the refugee and cut off rent assistance to him for one room.

Again ISS-HK being on the landlords side.

Also the court was on the landlord’s side preventing justice to be seen and to be done on behalf of an indigent refugee and his wife.

The court has once again failed refugees.

This is another travesty of justice.

Land Tribunal judgement LDPD 1447-2016

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